About me

Borja Andrea Soria Lahoz

I was born in 1987 in the quiet but exciting city of Zaragoza, Spain, I am the third son of a humble and hardworking family. Since I could hold a pencil color on a sheet of paper, and I filled the elegant and chaotic color combination that can be done when one is still an infant. As the years went by my love of notebooks filled with drawings it was becoming more and more obvious and these are slowly piling up in drawers throughout the house. When notebooks I were making small, was filled with drawings every book I could have at my disposal, math books, the books of Spanish language books in English, all the books in the school, they would become my canvas particular.

I got older, and I was experiencing, leaving parked that little hobby was painting for me, experience painting miniatures on a small scale, seeing what could be done in such a small size and in such detail that led me to that you can call today’s obsession, to perfect to the smallest detail however small.

He kept passing the time and not at my studies led me to the path of art, but if that covers the world of photography, computer, I was adapting everything he learned to the drawings he was doing, were slowly taking more defined shape, as I started my studies in road safety.

In 2012 brushes take a more serious and more professional way, and started what you can see to this day with the support of my parents my brother and my friends.

I consider myself self-taught, since I have learned from personal experience, to try, to play, I have not studied in a prestigious and elitist art school, discovering new techniques, new ways, is a rewarding experience, and each of my work, I bring some of that self-discovery.

Today one of the techniques I most love is watercolor, mixed with graphite and ink, I do not waive any technical or painting materials, also immersed in the world of digital art, and the mix of digital and conventional paint.